CEO of had an Online Interview which took place on the 10th of February 2022 with a Hypnotist and Magician

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There’s No Form Of Fetishness In Magic – Hypnomac

CEO of had an Online Interview which took place on the 10th of February 2022 with a Hypnotist and Magician Hypnomac. The Purpose of The interview is to make the upcoming acts learn from the success Story of Hypnomac


The Interview Goes Thus;


I’m glad u are giving me opportunity to know more about u.


Can you please introduce yourself?


My name is Peter Mac Mofe-ENIOLA, popularly known as Hypnomac , i am a Hypnotist and a Magician


Where did you hail from?


Well i was born in ogbomoso but i hail from OYO


Are you a student? If yes which school?


Yes, i am a graduate student of Banking and fiinnace  THE OKE OGUN POLYTECHNIC SAKI (TOPS)


Okay, can u enlighten us more about the meaning of Hypnotist, magician and what they do?


Well there is no single meaning to who an hypnotist really is but i will say we hypnotist are people who use the power of words to give suggestions in order to give the spectator and experience or glimpse into what the mind can really do ..


And a Magician on the other hand , is a person who creates a big experience to audiences out of plainly nothing. Its been a really big topic due to misconceptions and different views of different people from different parts of the world .


And as it is mostly viewed to be fetish but both arts are both natural and doesn’t really have any fetishness attached to it .. We just have a way to make the impossible possible



What was the first magic trick you learnt about


Well my first magic trick was a coin vanish where i will vanish a coin from one hand to another.


So how do you feel when you performed your first magic and what were the comments from fans?






Well my first time performing for people was to my mom’s school pupils.


Their reactions was priceless , i was so happy to see children laugh and also be surprised . Every day after i had to keep showing them new tricks and i kept on performing magic and hypnosis ever since then.




Yeah it is.




Is Magic Scientific, Art,Trickish or reality?


Well magic is and can be all.


What people dont know is that there are different types of magics ranging from Mentalism, Card magic, Illusions, Hypnosis, Visual tricks, Escape Arts


So yes it is scientific because in performing a trick there has to be a form of scientific facts and theories in play.


Its an Art; because even to perform to a spectator you must have a way to making it understandable and beautiful to accept


Trickish , because almost every magic act has trick in play


Reality because , hypnosis is a magic act but its the last real form of magic that doesn’t need any form of deception or misdirection to it


Do you create your own magic acts?


Yeah i do and create tricks and i also learn tricks created by other magicians in Nigeria and all over the world


How challenging has it been to make a career in hypnotism and magic?


Well its very hard to be honest especially because in Nigeria , people feel magic is a form of voodoo or juju and they don’t appreciate the art..


A lot of us who are magicians in Nigeria are also finding getting performance gigs because the people mostly feel its not worth the time and expense..


And this really affects us pushing the act forward in Nigeria and it would be nice to see a change as to see magicians in the same light spaces as every other performer in the entertainment industry …


And that’s what many of us are working towards


What’s your purpose for becoming a Hypnotist and a magician?


My purpose is to demystify the acts and also use hypnosis as not only a way to make people happy through entertainment but also way to solve little problems and help people with hypnosis through hypnotherapy.




How do merge both studies and your career being a SLT student at that?


Well that’s been a big challenge as to the fact i am studying law , but i try my best not to fully let it affect my studies… And currently i’m not really performing to my full potential because of studies but very soon I’m surely gonna make a big noise in the entertainment industry…


By God’s grace


Yeah by God’s grace




Does your career pay your bills?


Well it is,but not to the next extent because it’s not really in the limelight yet. And if gets to a higher point it will surely be paying the bills and more


Where do you see yourself in the next five years


This is a good question,


In five years , i see myself in stages all over the world performing to audiences in magnitudes and also all over your TV screens and social media feeds , spreading the art and helping you appreciate them more.


I also see myself and my other brothers in the field hosting shows and inviting other performers all over the world and making them acquainted with our country, Nigeria.


And our beautiful culture and people


If u had the chance to perform with one of the celebrities on same stage who will that be?


Well i will love to perform with the man himself Spidey he’s one of the best and biggest hypnotist and mentalist in the world











Who and what has been your biggest support?


My biggest support is my closest friends and siblings


They have always been there since the very beginning


What has been your greatest achievement?


If its my biggest achievement?


Well currently, My biggest achievement is hosting my first magic show back in the days  (2017) here in THE OKE OGUN POLYTECHNIC SAKI (TOPS( , it was what i can call a success because it made me happy about how much work and effort i had put into building my self my career and my image.


What has been your biggest mistakes so far?


Well i feel my biggest mistake so far is not starting to perform sooner but as it is said God’s time is the best


What’s your favorite quote?


My favorite quote, as magicians we don’t keep secrets from our audiences. We keep them for our audiences. —Patrick john Weber(magician)


How have you been able to promote your talents?


Well i have been able to promote my talents by performing for people on the streets , at events and i have also been able to perform for a few notable celebrities both physically and also live


What’s your greatest strength?


My greatest strength is the joy and happiness i am able to bring to the faces of people i perform for .. It keeps me going


So what’s your advice for upcoming acts


My advice for upcoming acts is to keep the ball rolling , there will be times you will doubts and lose hope but no matter what keep going and as my quote goes “Dare to Dream”


How did u come across Naijablessingblog


Well, i came across the blog on Instagram after i received a dm commending me on a post


What’s your view and advice for Naijablessingblog


Naijablessingblog is been a really fast growing blog and i congratulate you on the work and efforts you have been putting into it , my advice for the blog is to continue to put things forwards from news to public views and opinions and also interviews juat like this one..


I commend you on the good work tho.


Thank you. We’ve come to the end of the interview and it was great having you on here.


Thank you also for the time


To get to know more about Hypnomac reach him via;


WHATSAPP: +2348107046273




We have come to the end of the interview and I’m very sure u learn one or two things about the magician lifestyle. Your comment are needed fans!


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