FORGET SAPA!!! Can You Say Amen To The Weird Prayer?

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Poverty can be more frustrating sometimes that we just say amen to some prayers not knowing we are just causing ourselves more harm.

Sometimes, we wonder if God really loves us or not forgetting the fact that we use our mind and mouth to put ourselves in the situations we find ourselves.


Imagine having money like Hushpuppi, Mompha, H Money, or so and still be in jail. You can not spend the money you have freely we security agencies are searching aggressively for you. – Then you’ll know you’re better off a freeman and broke than a prisoner.


Sometimes I wonder if they had in a point of their lives said amen to prayers like this but in real sense, you will meet yourself in some situations that will make you think it’s better you taste money for once and suffer for the rest of your life. Pray you ever find yourself in such!


See this prayer below:-






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