Who The F**k Is CKay?

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Long before “Love Nwantiti” was on the Billboard, before CKay was performing Jimmy Fallon, he was just a kid producer who was determined to prove himself.

In 2014, he was signed to M.I Abaga’s Loopy Music as a producer, working with artists like M.I, Ice Prince, and other Chocolate City acts (Loopy Music was a subsidiary of Choc City.)


By 2016, he had done some work for up-and-coming Choc City artist, Dice Ailes, who was crafting out a new sound as at that time.


Although CKay was just a producer, he was already making music and he had the determination to put his music out there. Kinda like Kanye West back in the day. He continued to produce.


The story goes like this. Ckay was at a media house with the Choc City team one day. So he gave his music to a journalist there. The journalist who didn’t know him, looked at the CD and asked “Who the f**k is CKay?”



That was what inspired the title of Ckay’s first ever project, “WTFisCKay,” a 5-track EP released way back in 2017, two years before the EP that brought him to the limelight.


If you listen to that project, you’ll hear a boy who knows what he’s doing. Actually, he’s always had that sound that is prevalent in “Love Nwantiti.” All he had to do was just keep trying.


After his second EP, “Ckay The First” became a success, people started paying attention to the young boy. And with his new global strides, well its gonna be a while before anybody asks “who the fvck is Ckay?” again.


Listen to “Alleluya,” a song from Ckay’s first EP featuring Dice Ailes below


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