Is Olamide’s “UY Scuti” The Album Of The Year 2021?

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Olamide is one of the most consistent artists in the Nigerian music industry, no doubt.

For the first seven years of his career, he released at least one album every year. Even when he took a break from dropping albums, he was still over the place with singles. He never slows down.


In 2020, he released an EP—his first ever—, “999” and followed with what is perhaps his best album ever, “Carpe Diem.”


“Carpe Diem” was an instant hit, and it was promoted like hell. It was a very important project for Olamide, too. And it was ultimately one of the best albums of 2020.


His follow-up to the electric “Carpe Diem” didn’t take long before it came. By March 2021, he announced he was already done with his twelfth studio album, called “UY Scuti.” The album was released in June.


While “UY Scuti” isn’t as good as his previous work, “Carpe Diem,” it’s still a solid one. In fact, all year, I don’t think there’s any album that has been as critically excellent as “UY Scuti.”


This might actually be the year that Olamide takes home the “Album of the Year,” because I don’t seem to see any serious contenders. Olamide’s “UY Scuti” sure stands out as one of the most sonically tuned projects of 2021.


So, what do you think?


Is Olamide’s “UY Scuti” The Album Of The Year 2021?

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