Man ‘Testifies’ Of How God Killed a Lecturer Who Failed His Daughter (Watch Video)

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The man shared a ‘testimony’ of how ‘God’ killed a UNILAG lecturer who he claims failed his daughter in a course he headed, because she refused to sleep with him.

The clergyman gave the testimony while preaching in church.


In his words: One of my daughters was being harrassed in the University of Lagos. The lecturer was on her. He demanded to sleep with her before she would pass the course. A man old enough to be her father. Very wicked, evil man. The girl said I am a child of God. I am born again.


The man said ‘You, how many of you have I dealt with? Stay there. You wouldn’t leave my department. I will make sure you failed the course and the course is compulsory. If you don’t pass, you can’t move on.


She failed the first time. Not that she failed, he failed her. She just grumbled. She tried to pray, fast and nothing changed. She failed the second time and by the rules of the department, she will have to withdraw.



So she came to see me. I was very angry. How can one filthy old man, because he is a lecturer, want to sleep with my daughter? I will forget that I am anointed. I will cut off your head. Evil! Wickedness! She was talking to me and she was crying.


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