BE Faithfully If You See N50 On The Floor Today, Will You Pick It

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If you’re walking on the road and you stumble on N50 naira today, Will you pick it up?

Considering what N50 can do for you today, will you leave it on the floor and pass by it?



This question is currently trending as we are expected to clock 60 tomorrow.


Therefore, Nigerians make the hashtag #50for60 to tell how far we’ve gone with our currency.



Three years back, we’re still talking of how irrelevant N5 and N10 notes are to us. Now, in recent, the notes are no more valuable as you can’t purchase anything with both N5 and N10.


At the moment, it seems N20 self has lost its relevance but we want to know what N50 can still do before adding it to the list of irrelevance notes.


If I was asked this question, I will surely pick the N50 note all because I can still use it for my transport fare to the office.


So to me, it’s sill relevance and useful.


I don’t know about you.


If You See N50 On The Floor Today, Will You Pick It?

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