School Resumption: All Primary, Secondary And University Students Should Take Note Of These Things

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It is noted to everyone that the federal government shut down schools since 6 months ago so as to curtail the rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.




Most students in all educational sectors are presently staying at home due to the lockdown being placed on schools. Many students are currently anticipating the reopening of schools in order to pursue their academic pursuits.



The students should not and never blame the government for locking up schools. They should bear in mind that the government has their best interest in studying at hearts and the locking of schools is for preventive measures against the spread of the virus.


Looking into this, All primary, Secondary, and University students should take note of these things concerning the reopening of schools across the country.


1. There has not been any official date for the full reopening of schools for all students. The students should stay away from any fake date procrastinating the day of school resumption.


2. The only students who are allowed to be present in class are the graduating classes. A student who would be promoted to another tier in the educator system.



3. Primary 6 students have done their Exam so there is no need to be in class at the moment. They would be preparing to enter Junior secondary 1.




4. SS3 students are currently allowed in school due to the writing of their (WAEC) west Africa examination council.


5. Only final year students in the university are expected to be in school so as to prepare well for their upcoming Examination.


Note: Always wash your hand with medicated soap in running water for not less than 20 seconds of your time. Limit the touching of your face with your hands and please maintain social distancing.


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